New Expense
An expense is an individual cost that you wish to claim for.
Mutliples expenses can be grouped together to create a claim.
When entering an expense you enter details including description, activity, method of payment, date, unit of payment and quantity.
Unit of payment and quantity are used to calculate the value of the expense e.g. if you are being paid $.66 per km for car expenses and claim 30 km the value of the expense will be 19.80.
You can either attach an exisitng photo for a receipt or take a new photo.
Expense details can be edited up until the point the are included in a claim and that claim has been locked.
Existing Expenses
This screen lists all expenses which have not been included in a claim.
From this screen you can add an expense, delete expenses, add expenses to an existing open claim or create a new claim from selected expenses.
Use the plus button to create a new expense.
For deleting, adding to an existing claim or creating a new claim; select those expenses you wish to perform the action on and then click the appropriate button.
New Claim
This screen allows you to create or edit a claim.
You can -
  enter a description,
  add expenses,
  lock the claim so that no further expenses can be added,
  submit the claim for approval and
  generate and email a pdf

Expenses that have been paid using cash or private credit card are listed in the Reimbursible section , those paid by corporate cards are in Non-Reimbursible.
Exsiting Claims
This screen shows claims recorded on your device.
By default only those claims which are not locked are listed by you can toggle the display to include\exclude locked claims.
Tapping on any claim information will open the Claim screen.
This screen shows expense activities availble for use.
Only activities that are marked as active can be used when entering new expenses.
This screen shows units of claim that are available.
They can be currency conversions or other units of claim such as Kms or days along wiht the conversion factor to convert them back to the base curreny used for a claim.
Only units that are marked as active can be used when entering new expenses.